The Esuna

Balmung, Shirogane Ward 9 Plot 25

A source of strength and renewal for the body and mind. A place of recovery and growth, to restore your strength or grow beyond.


The Esuna provides physical therapy, long term care, and training services for those recovering from physical trauma.


The Esuna can provide personal training as well as classes for personal fitness goals


The Esuna has services, products, and facilities for mental recovery and post training rest.


About the owner and the mission of the Esuna, beyond a simple luxury spa.

Therapeutic services

The Esuna provides the highest quality therapeutic services for proper recovery from injury, trauma, and physical stress. We understand how healing magic can only go so far and that real recovery takes time and work.

Untreated, poorly managed injury recovery can lead to a loss of flexibility, feeling, and even function. The Esuna provides guidance, help and facilities for properly managed recovery exercises.*

In addition, at an added cost we can provide relaxation services that can help relieve post exercise aches.

*If you are a member of a Grand Company, you may be able to have the Grand Company compensate us instead, leading to no cost to you. Combat veterans receive a discount regardless. We appreciate your service.

Personal Training

The Esuna provides personal training activities for various fitness goals including:

-Cardio, for better endurance, health, and energy levels.
-Yoga, for increased flexibility and balance
-Agility training, for greater agility and speed
-Strength training, for strength and muscular endurance

Specialized training is available for body shaping and weight loss*

*Body shaping and weight loss services will require dietary changes and are not guaranteed. No amount of training will outpace visiting the ice cream shop daily.

Massage Therapy

The Esuna employs high quality massage therapists trained in stress relief and recovery. Our massages have been shown to not only relieve stress and provide relaxation, but also provide assistance with flexibility and training recovery.

Our employees can provide various levels of intensity:

NOPHICA: A gentle massage, helpful for stress relief. For those who need a high quality nap

MENPHINA: A more vigorous massage that is useful for reliving moderate knots while still allowing for a more productive and healing rest leading to a more vigorous day after.

HALONE: An intense deep tissue massage made for people who have severe knots or strains from improper or overstressed bodies. May require some recuperation time post therapy, but has been shown to help restore flexibility.

RHALGR: Referral only. Please contact management in order to schedule a private session and sign the appropriate waivers. Availability may be limited.

Massage oils are available in multiple scents. Please inform your masseuse of any allergies.


The Esuna is proud to have our own private spa for recovery and relaxation, as well as cleaning off the sweat of the day. Our system includes fresh, clean water pumped in every bell from the local river running through Shirogane, filtered and heated to perfection. Bath oils are available for use in this spa and available for purchase in bottle for private use.


We provide purchases so that you can bring a little healing home with you. Purchases include:

Bath Oils
Massage Oils

*Not recommended during weight loss programs

About The Esuna

Aoi-Hana Wulff

The owner and proprietor of The Esuna, she is a proud child of Doman and Ala Mhigan parents. She created the Esuna as a way of using her training as a monk to help others become their strongest selves.

Event Information

The Esuna is an RP cottage where open house events happen.

Balmung server, Shirogane Ward 9, Plot 25.

Currently, the Esuna is doing open houses at 7 PM EST on Fridays. These open houses generally run until 10 or 11 depending on interest, at which point the event soft closes but will still keep open for another hour or so if RP is ongoing.


Keep in mind that this center and its services are meant to be rated T for teen at highest. None of the services are sexual in nature, and Aoi-Hana as a character will remove anyone requesting or suggesting such services, and they will not be welcomed back.

The service costs are in IC gil only, no actual gil is required for any service, though donations are accepted.

Private RP

Private RP is generally available for personal training or physical therapy. Massage services and spa use are only openly available during open houses. There are other places for massages and spas, The Esuna is one of very few for physical therapy.